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Saturday, October 29, 2005
This is Infotainment!


"All people are same: they like gossip.” 
 Ilham Bintang.

Our community is wagged community, which people have heart on gossip. It is not surprising. We lived in a gossip country, which makes gossip as commodity. Ironically, we did not aware, even tough we were become a part of commodity.

Don’t you believe it? Please, turn on your TV channel! Since in the morning, some of private television present the program with opening keyword by presenter:  “gossip…. gossip… gossip…” We watched them everyday, in the morning until evening.

All infotainment programs compete to prepare hot gossip about celebrities. There are 106 infotainment programs in television, like Kabar-Kabari, Cek&Ricek, and Buletin Sinetron in RCTI; Bibir Plus, Poster, Hot Shot, Halo Selebriti, Otista, in SCTV; Selebrita and Go Show in TPI; Betis or Berita Selebritis in Anteve and KISS in Indosiar.

What is infotainment? says infotainment is combining information with entertainment. It is a fairly recent term for a television program, or other presentation that combines information with entertainment. Infotainment or soft news, refers to a general type of news media broadcast program which either provides a combination of current events news and entertainment programming, or an entertainment program structured in a news format.

Critics have claimed the combination of the two aspects is a conflict of interest by corporate news outlets focusing on marketing, not journalism. The term "infotainment" thus may be a pejorative among those who hold professional journalistic values in esteem. Sometimes, the journalist works against the Ethical Journalism Code to get exclusive news.

Some blame the media for this perceived phenomenon, for failing to live up to ideals of civic journalistic responsibility. Others blame the commercial nature of many media organizations, the need for higher ratings, combined with a preference among the public for feel-good content and ‘unimportant’ topics, like celebrity gossip or sports.

Some journalists define ‘journalism’ to include only report on "serious" subjects, where common journalistic standards are upheld by the reporter. Professional journalism is supposed to place more emphasis on research, fact checking, and the public interest than its "non-journalistic" counterparts.

Some artists have had a problem with infotainment. The phenomenal cases like Parto Patrio and Sarah Azhari. It is happened, when the artist would not say anything about personal life and kept silent or said “co comment”, journalist had constrained to talk. Even, journalist makes sensational thing to make interesting news. This makes them heartsick, fearful, trauma. So, they had an apprehension with the press. The artist had despair when faced journalist of infotainment. 

Why does the journalist of infotainment make offenses?

(1) Infotainment is new article in television world in Indonesia. The infotainment worker was not considered as journalist. They were recruited by production house; it is not mass media institution. Some of journalist said, the worker of infotainment is "Paparazzi”, not journalist! Journalist worked in Ethical Journalism Code corridor, and reporting is build not based on gossip but fact. The point of view of journalism is different from entertainment.

(2) The tight of competition in infotainment program were seen in the quantity. The present of infotainment in television has getting good rating and get much advertisement. This is a reality that cannot anticipate because television has life from advertisement. Infotainment is very ideal to business of television, because the cost of the making is cheap and fast gets the advertisement.

(3) People like infotainment news. Polling in Tempo Magazines prove that rubric “Apa dan Siapa” is in top-level. People have an obsession in scandal of sex, and news about private live of others. Maybe, this is a natural character of human being that based on loving in watching another and heard news about the others. Indonesian people have listening culture, not reading culture. So, infotainment gets top-level rating.

The presence of infotainment makes discourse about celebrities, like divorced case, etc, come in our life. We, as the viewer of TV, make it as a chat, like if we chat about friend and family. The infotainment has negative and positive effects.

The negative effects like: it can influence the paradigm of people about values. Beside it, language in infotainment sometimes appears the jargon, dialect community of celebrity, and influenced the pattern of language of people.

The positive thing of infotainment, that it plays function as mass media: informing, educating, entertaining, and social control. As a social control function, for example, when news about divorced or unfaithfulness presented, it gave impact in guarding the norms of family and society. Because, it makes the artist ashamed, and makes others will have a caution to do it.

What we have to do to anticipate? The journalist of infotainment has to implement the Ethical Journalism Code, like appreciate the existing of private domain. If the celebrity is in the private domain, it is able to disturbed. If they will not answer the question, the journalist cannot constrain and intimidate them. The journalist can door stop the interviewee only in public area. ***

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